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The website provides information for general purposes and with honest intentions. The details are mostly honest views and not professional or well-analyzed accounts that you can use to make decisions. We, however, strive our level best to make sure you have accurate data. On that note, it is not a guarantee that every detail included is accurate and so any actions you take influenced by the information is strictly at your peril. We will not be answerable in case of any loss connected to the information obtained on our website. You should, therefore, be watchful of how you disseminate and use the information on our website to avoid unforeseen predicaments.


Throughout our website, you are going to find multiple links that redirect you to different sites or blogs. These third-party sites have their own rules of engagement that differ from ours. That means you should go through those rules before you proceed to use the information available. We will not be accountable in case the information you access leads to any form of loss or damage. There are also times when you will find the link to the site has gone bad. That usually happens when a particular website modifies its information before we have had the chance to make changes to the available links. You should, therefore, be keen in case you come across such a scenario to avoid gathering unnecessary information.

Also note that as soon as the link redirects you to another website, you will be governed by the privacy doctrines of the site in question. That means our hands are tied from protecting you against any insensible information you may gain. We urge you to thoroughly scrutinize the pages before signing up for products or involving yourself in any form of business with the website. You should also refrain from sharing your information not unless you have verified their legitimacy.

Unless indicated, we hold the proprietary ownership of every component available on this website. That includes source codes, images, audio, videos, and also any graphics used. It is, therefore, illegal to copy any information without our consent. We also encourage you to contact us whenever you come across inaccurate information on our website. Doing so will enable us to provide customers with accurate data at all times.

In conjunction with that, we have the right to make small, big, and temporary changes to the information available on our website. That is without seeking outsider's consent or giving them any form of notice. These updates will occur at any time, as long as a decision is made by the website's main shareholders. You should, therefore, not be surprised if the information changes overnight. The purpose of this disclaimer is to open your eyes and ensure you engage with the available information in a civilized manner. It also prepares you and guides any actions you plan to take motivated by knowledge gained.

Note that in case the information is analyzed and verified, the author will explain that in writing. Otherwise, it is general material that can be changed whenever concrete proof surfaces.


You at this point agree to the disclaimer and the terms attached to it. You, therefore, agree to follow every detail while you are using the information on our website.