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Should Players Target First Deposit or Reload Bonus Offers?

The primary reason any player would want to register on a gaming platform aside from a chance to gamble, is the rewards they can win. First deposit and reload bonus make up a large chunk of the promotional offers that many casinos make available for their customers. But the pertinent question is which of the two is more lucrative, and which one should players target?

What is a First Deposit Offer?


This type of promotion seeks to reward a player for making an initial deposit into a new account that they opened. For most sites, this will either be in the form of free credits or a matching offer on the amount that the player deposited into their playing account.

There are a few regulations that will guide what amount is available for the offer. On some sites, they will set a minimum and maximum amount that qualifies for the offer. On other sites, it will be specific to the method of payment that the player uses to fund their account.

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload offer is a promotion that will benefit the player who makes an effort to fund their account again after the first payment. For most of the gaming platforms available online, this offer will include a gradual reward system that will benefit the player who reloads their account frequently.

As with the deposit offer, there are also regulations that will guide this type of bonus as well. Each site will tailor the terms and conditions to meet the needs of its customers. However, the foundation will remain the same; players who make frequent payments to their account will benefit more.

First Deposit vs Reload Bonus

The main difference between these two types of offers is the time at which a player receives them. For the first payment offer, players will see the reward reflect on their wallet immediately after making their initial deposit. As for the reload offer, depending on the procedure of unlocking it, it may take some time before a player can see the same on their gaming wallet.

Another stark difference is that on other sites, the first and reload bonus can be just one offer, while on others they are separate. In the former, a player will find that the casino in question states it offers a welcome bonus that includes the initial deposit and other subsequent deposits. These sites will not have any mention of the above rewards, they will call it a welcome bonus in an all-inclusive promotion.

As for sites that differentiate the two, they will run separate promotional campaigns for either of them. This approach helps the casino to appeal to a wide audience compared to the approach above.

The similarities on the other hand are many. Some of the most common ones are as follows.

1. Wagering Requirement


All casino bonuses will require the player to meet a wagering requirement before they can redeem their reward. When it comes to these two offers as well, there are wagering requirements that each player must meet as stipulated by the casino in question. The average playthrough requirement will be 30 to 40 times the amount the player received as a bonus. However, that may change depending on the type of casino and the type of customer as well. High rollers tend to receive lower wagering requirements that improve their chances of redeeming the bonus.

2. Minimum and Maximum Amounts

All bonuses will have a threshold amount that qualifies for the reward in question. For both the initial deposit and reload promo, most casinos will state the maximum amount that qualifies for the bonus in question. However, it is important for players to probe the promotion further and identify the minimum amount that the promotion supports. Having this information in hand will guide the player on what amount to deposit to qualify for the bonus in question.

3. Time Frame of the Promotion

Depending on the specific marketing objectives of a casino, the time frame of a promotion may be long or short term. As one looks forward to capitalizing on a particular deposit bonus promotion, it is advisable to check on the validity of the promotion and whether it is still running.

Final Thoughts

First deposit and reload offers are a crucial tool in the gaming experience of any player. Online casinos are continually coming up with these offers to make it possible for players to win more rewards on their platforms. For players looking to boost their gaming accounts, it is worth the effort to check out these promotions and adhere to their terms and conditions.