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Privacy Policy

We value each of our esteemed customer's privacy. That is why we legally collect information from the site and use it in a manner that can help you enjoy our website's services. Our data collection methods are straightforward, and the process only happens after you give us consent. Before data collection, we will provide you with valid reasons why we require that piece of information. On the other hand, every data collected is safely stored and secured from unauthorized personnel.

Privacy Policy

That means no one will be able to access the information or copy it for malicious use. We also curb theft or loss of any client's information. That is by directing a lot of resources towards data protection and security recommended by top website security personnel. You should hence be assured that the information you provide is in safe hands. Furthermore, none of your information will be modified or lost for as long as it is in our possession. Sharing is also forbidden, and that means your information will not be disclosed to third parties or the public not unless a court order is involved.

In case you come across a link on our website that redirects you to another site, you need to beware that we have no jurisdiction over the website in question. That means we cannot ascertain the security of your data at any particular time. Therefore make sure you go through their privacy policies to avoid impending disappointments. Our policies are dissimilar from those of many websites, so we are not liable for partial or full disclosure of your information by third-party sites.

You have the right to withhold your information while using our site. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access every service offered by our website. Sharing information will give you unrestricted access to all our website pages for as long as you are a member. Most times, we use the information obtained from our clients to personalize their services so that they can meet their specific needs. What you get, on the other hand, is absolute satisfaction that will see you enjoy our services maximally.

By using the services provided by our website, we will assume that you accept our privacy policies. That is why you must go through our privacy terms and conditions and agree to provide us with the information we seek. While giving the information, make sure you offer accurate data for security purposes. You should also be ready to upload every document required on the website. We guarantee the safety of your information at all times.

While interacting with our site, we may want to acquire your demographic information, email address, and sometimes we may ask you to complete a survey. All these data will help us understand who you are and how well we can enhance your experience on our platform. Not sharing the required data, on the other hand, limits you from realizing the full potential of our website. That is because you will not have complete access to some pages. Take into consideration the advantages that come with sharing your information.

Our website is professional and trustworthy, and that is why we are free to get in touch with us using any of our contact details. That is in case you have any questions regarding our privacy policies.