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Reasons Why Players Should Accept a Match Deposit Bonus

All online casinos offer a match deposit in some form. The reason why many gaming platforms are offering this reward to their customers is in a bid to attract more business. This type of account top up encourages more players to sign up with the website in question and proceed to fund their accounts. It is worth noting that the old-fashioned brick and mortar casinos do not have this offer.

What is a Match Deposit Bonus?


In all online gaming endeavors, players are likely to bump into this term. It is quickly becoming the most used phrase in most online promotions of internet gambling sites. As the name suggests, a match bonus is a type of offer where the site in question will fund a player's account with an amount equal to what the account holder deposited.

Different gaming sites will tailor this offer to meet the specific needs of the promotion they are running. However, this type of gift will be available in either of these two options regardless of the platform.

First Time Funding

In this option, the site in question seeks to reward the player with a certain or equal amount of money they fund into their account upon registration. Therefore, this offer exists for first-time deposits only. The initial amount the player funds into the account will influence how much the platform will fund the wallet in question.

Loyalty Reward

For loyalty rewards, as the name suggests, the focus is on equaling a certain amount that the gamer deposits depending on an ongoing promotion's specifics. This type of reward targets account holders who have been on the said platform for some time. Depending on the online casino one holds an account with, these types of promotions can be common or rare. For the most part, the marketing objectives of the site will influence the frequency of the promotions.

Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Match Deposit Bonus


Bonuses are the most convenient way of boosting a player's gaming account balance. However, certain types of gifts that online casinos offer can become a bondage in one way or the other. Before one can accept a match bonus, here are some things to keep in mind, or probe beforehand.

The Equaling Amount

How much does the gaming site give to the player once they fund their account? This is the primary question that all players need to ask themselves before they consider accepting this type of reward. Does the casino match the deposit by a certain percentage or, does it fund the account with a certain fixed amount? Once a player evaluates this, they can know exactly how much to expect in their account.

Minimum and Maximum Amount Required

If a casino states that it will match the deposit one makes above $10 and a gamer funds their account with $9, the player does not qualify. Alternatively, if the casino will match each deposit by 50% up to $100 and one deposits $120, only the $100 will get a boost. Take some time to learn more about the minimum and maximum amounts before accepting this type of offer.

Wagering Requirements

All gifts that a casino will give you online will require you to meet certain wagering requirements before unlocking the reward. Thus, players should check the playthrough requirements in the terms and conditions before they accept a bonus. Most platforms will have a wagering requirement that ranges between 30-40 times the reward a player received. The lower the wagering requirement, the more likely one will unlock the reward.

Contributing Events

One may do well to wager the reward the required number of times, however, it may all be in vain if playing the wrong events. For each match bonus, the online casino offering it will specify which events contribute to meeting its wagering requirements. Some events may contribute 100% while others will help a player meet a certain percentage. Some of the most common events that casinos allow players to play and meet the wagering requirements include:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Video poker
  • Validity of the Reward

    To boost a player's gaming experience, an online casino will offer a player a reward and then attach an expiration date to it. The gamer must meet the wagering requirement on the reward within the specific period or forfeit the reward. The validity of each reward will depend on the casino.

    Final Thoughts

    Accepting a match deposit bonus is one of the surest ways through which a player can boost their gaming account. Through this reward, the casino will equal the amount one funds into their account up to a certain level. All players should ensure they read the terms and conditions of each offer to activate the bonus in their playing account.